Tim Haig, California CMT (#75741)

Former careers
Bikram yoga teacher

I’ll never forget the relief of my first shiatsu treatment. I was on tour with a small orchestra in Tokyo and received shiatsu in my hotel room. After hours of rehearsals, plane rides and jet lag, the pressure points the therapist found were extremely satisfying. I began studying shiatsu in 2011 with Wataru Ohashi in Vancouver, then at the National Holistic Institute in Los Angeles and IPSB at Life Energy Institute in Culver City. I’ve also studied Western massage, anatomy and kinesiology.

I’m drawn to bodywork that is transformative and powerful. Transformation can be uncomfortable but the rewards are a freedom that can’t be found through complicity or coddling. I’m dedicated to compassionately guiding my clients to a pain-free life.

In addition to private practice, I’ve worked at Los Angeles-area spas, massage clinics, and alongside chiropractors Dustin Martinez DC, Dale Fernandez DC and Bernard Paré DC.

Performance Shiatsu Tim Haig.jpeg