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Performance Shiatsu is deep, slow and compassionately uncomfortable. It’s designed to remove blockages and build-ups of stagnant energy in the fascia, muscles, joints, tendons and energy lines.

Steady pressure is applied to each person’s unique points of tension and congestion — no session is the same. These “tsubo” (potent points) are held from approximately 20 seconds to 2 minutes, with the elbow, thumbs or fingers. The therapist uses a “mother hand” to sense changes to the surrounding tissues.

You might feel sensation in remote areas of the body as stagnant energy is being discharged. For instance, a blockage in your shoulder might result in a sensation in your forearm as it’s being released. This is the “jaki” (stagnant energy) finding a pathway out of the body via the myofascial meridians and Traditional Chinese Medicine energy lines. Once the main blockages have been removed, the body’s natural flow of water (blood, lymph, connective tissue) takes over and continues to flush out smaller blockages.

Performance Shiatsu priorities:

  1. Relieve pain

  2. Allow energy to circulate more deeply

  3. Unwind longstanding imbalances and tension

Session at a glance:

  • 60 minutes

  • Performed on a massage table

  • No oil or lotion

  • Slow, deep and meditative

  • 75% point work

  • 25% broad compression (squeezing, palming, kneading)