Performance Shiatsu is the perfect antidote to workplace stress, whether that’s at a concert hall, architecture studio or conference center. Deep, targeted pressure reduces head, neck and shoulder pain within minutes.

Since shiatsu is always performed clothed, without oil or lotion, Performance Shiatsu therapists are especially experienced at delivering effective chair massage. The level of pressure is adapted to each guest.

Sessions are 10-minutes long, and a natural thyme-based product is used to disinfect equipment between sessions.


$225/3 hours (Los Angeles)

Why book Performance Shiatsu for your next group event?

  • Performance Shiatsu massage therapists are experienced, California-certified and insured

  • Deep, targeted pressure adapted to each guest

  • 15 guests benefit from a 3-hour session

  • Sign-up sheet provided

  • Natural thyme disinfectant used