Don't tuck your tail

We used to have tails. Weird, right? Could this be why so many of us suffer from lower back pain?

It’s tempting to blame everything on modern life, which is usually some combination of sitting and working on a computer and sitting at home scrolling through Instagram. So what if we could improve our posture through sitting itself?

This TEDx Talk by Esther Gokhale gives an elegant 6-minute explanation about our pelvis and tails, and how we can “keep our tails behind us” to reduce lower back pain.

It’s kinda like when meditators say, “All of life is a meditation.” Well, all of life should be about keeping our spines healthy.

Shiatsu is great therapy and will dislodge and heal stagnant energy. If we combine shiatsu with smart sitting and smart standing, a pain-free life is achievable.