Rituals, not resolutions

This year I will eat better, exercise more, save more money and be a better friend.

Powerful statement? A start, maybe, but not very motivating on a Saturday morning when you can’t figure out whether you’re supposed to be relaxing or going to yoga.

Instead of resolutions, this year I’m going to try adding rituals to my life. I think I’ve had an allergy to this in the past because I always think of rituals as daily — meditate every day, journal every day, practice every day. And I’m terrible at most daily chores.

So when I say ritual, I mean only a few (easy) activities will be intended as daily — the rest will be several times per week, and some monthly.

If you like this idea and want to create a ritual checklist on your phone, try the free app Checklist (on Apple or Android).

Happy 2019 everyone!