Japanese-inspired deep tissue massage in Los Angeles

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Tim Haig, CMT

I’m a Los Angeles-based Certified Massage Therapist with training in Japanese shiatsu, acupressure, Swedish and deep tissue massage. I combine shiatsu with Swedish massage to give treatment that is both satisfying and therapeutic.


Pressure points and mountain streams

When a stream is clogged, removing the blockage is as important as increasing the flow of water. Finding and working with each person’s unique pressure points allows the circulatory system to become more effective at detoxification.

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Is therapeutic massage painful?

I’ve worked with a number of elite athletes including dancers, swimmers and weightlifting champions. I adjust pressure and intensity to suit the needs of each person. My goal is to leave each client feeling balanced, detoxified and more alive.

Combining Swedish massage with shiatsu

Swedish massage enhances the flow of the circulatory system and soothes the central nervous system. Shiatsu provides targeted deep pressure and heals damaged tissue.

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