Japanese compression massage in Los Angeles

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Restore the body’s natural flow

When debris clogs a mountain stream, the congestion affects not only the local area but all areas downstream from the congestion. As your body releases stuck energy trapped in “tsubo” (pressure points), the blood and connective tissue begins to flow freely again. This increases detoxification and allows for nutrients, oxygen and anti-inflammatory compounds to reach every corner of your body.


What’s a tsubo?

Tsubo is a Japanese word meaning jar, pot or vase. In shiatsu, the word tsubo is used to describe pressure points on the body. These points collect stagnant energy and build up armour to protect weak and vulnerable areas.

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How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. 

Performance Shiatsu focuses on each client’s unique areas of tension and congestion. Deep, compassionate pressure is applied using the elbow, forearm, thumbs and fingers. Additional compression is given with the knees and feet.

No pain no gain? Kinda sorta.

Performance Shiatsu brings lost parts of yourself back to your awareness. As you know from when your hands went numb on that ski trip, they ached when you warmed them back up. The therapist monitors appropriate pressure and duration through your breathing pattern and changes to the surrounding tissues. 

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How long before I feel results?

You’ll feel physically lighter after just one session. Weekly treatments are useful when treating areas of long-term pain and congestion.

No need to get naked.

Performance Shiatsu is done fully clothed on a massage table. Comfortable athletic wear is best.

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